Leading a Revolution in the Way Accounting Firms Recruit

Accountingfly, the career center to the Accounting profession, was honored last week when its Co-Founder and CEO, Jeff Phillips, was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People by Accounting Today. Team Accountingfly is honored by this recognition, appearing alongside many of our friends, partners and role models in the profession. The article recognizes Phillips for “leading a revolution in the way accounting firms recruit staff–and just in time too, as firms and accountants alike are discovering that the old way isn’t serving anyone’s needs.”

Below, Phillips shares in detail what Accountinfly is doing and why it’s working:

If You Want to Hire CPAs, Posting Jobs Simply Isn’t Enough

The reason Accountingfly works is because it is so much more than a job board. Our team has honed the process of effective Employer Branding – telling the story of why each firm is a great place to work to a large and targeted audience of CPAs. A job board alone simply isn’t enough–just check the results you’re getting on the leading sites. Think about it this way: a job board is nothing more than a landing page. What’s driving targeted and interested candidates to apply for jobs is great employer branding and content.

We’ve built the largest online network of early-career CPAs … anywhere, through Accountingfly.com and GoingConcern.com. We tell this large network our clients’ stories the way they want and like to consume information, through our:

Why It’s So Hard To Hire Lateral CPAs

We’re in a time where it’s incredibly tough to find talent. In fact, the race for talent is over, and the talent has won!

But, if you’re willing to:

  • recruit all year because you can’t control when a High Performer is looking for a new opportunity;
  • go beyond the post and pray tactics of traditional job boards;
  • and most importantly, if you’re willing to be a great place to work…

then there is more than enough talent to apply to your jobs. It just takes a new model … what we call Inbound Recruiting.

The results so far have been outstanding. Our clients’ postings appear in 20,000 job searches per month and an average posting is seen 70 times per month. But, that alone is not enough. It takes a great brand and having a story to tell if you want to convert applicants. The Revolution we’re leading is simple and can be summed up as this: Use the internet to tell your story in a way your desired audience consumes information.

We’re grateful to be honored with this award and thankful to partners like AICPA PCPS, Xero and Boomer Consulting for their help along the way.

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