The Latest in Making Remote Work

WEBINAR: Hiring and Keeping Your Talent In The Great Resignation

By Accountingfly | May 17, 2022

Is your firm struggling with retaining accounting talent or making hires? If so, your firm is not alone. The problem is real! CPA firm turnover is at record levels, leaving firm staff overwhelmed and struggling to deliver for clients. To combat this, Jeff Phillips will give your firm the playbook…

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Advice From a Recruiter: How to Land an Accounting/Tax Job You Love

By Nikki May | Jan 26, 2022

There has never, ever been a better time to change accounting jobs. But do you know how to get to the right opportunity, maximize those opportunities, and land the job? In this webinar we will teach you how to land an Accounting/Tax job you love. Join an interview with CPA…

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The Best Way to Find a Remote Job in Accounting or Tax

By Jim Prince | Oct 26, 2021

Simple. Use a boutique recruiter that specializes in remote public accounting placements.  [Disclaimer: We’re biased. Accountingfly is a boutique recruiter specializing in helping candidates find remote tax jobs and remote accounting jobs at CPA firms].    Read on to learn why it makes sense to use a recruiter to find a…

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The Best Time Ever to Find a Remote Tax Job?

By Jim Prince | Oct 19, 2021

It sure looks that way. Accountingfly has specialized in filling remote tax jobs for a decade and we’ve never seen a more candidate-friendly market for tax professionals. So this might be the best opportunity that you’ll ever have to find the right fit and achieve your career goals. Read on…

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Resume Writing Tips to Land Your Dream Accounting Job

By Liz Branch | Jun 15, 2021

How to Tell (and Sell) Your Accounting Career Story You’re desperate to score a new accounting job. You’ve stagnated and want a new challenge. Maybe a role with more responsibility and better pay – you haven’t had a decent raise for two years. The trouble is that you aren’t receiving…

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WEBINAR: Staffing for a Modern Firm

By Nikki May | Apr 5, 2021

To build a modern firm, you’ll need to leverage the right technology, automate work, and hire the right team to execute your vision. Hiring is hard enough. So where do you get started on your journey of building the right team for your firm? Join hiring expert Jeff Phillips as…

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5 Things Not to Do on a Virtual Accounting Interview

By Liz Branch | Feb 9, 2021

You landed an interview for a new accounting job. Congratulations! Odds are that it’s a virtual interview (according to a Gartner Survey in April 2020, 86% of interviews are currently virtual due to coronavirus). Virtual interviews are here to stay, and they are the standard when interviewing for a remote…

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WEBINAR: How to Manage and Motivate Your Remote Accounting Team

By Liz Branch | Feb 4, 2021

How do you manage a remote team? And is it different than my office-based team? YES. In 2020 we found ourselves suddenly remote and had to make adjustments on the fly. As you plan your firm’s 2021, we’ll help you optimize your remote accounting team, including how to motivate and…

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WEBINAR: Hiring and Thriving with Remote Staff in 2021

By Liz Branch | Dec 23, 2020

Are you looking for best practices managing a remote team? You have come to the right place. On December 21, 2020, Accountingfly Co-Founder Jeff Phillips, walks you through the best practices of finding, selecting, and hiring remote staff, so you’re ready to grow your team. Learn how to optimize your…

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