WEBINAR: Hiring and Keeping Your Talent In The Great Resignation

Is your firm struggling with retaining accounting talent or making hires? If so, your firm is not alone. The problem is real!

CPA firm turnover is at record levels, leaving firm staff overwhelmed and struggling to deliver for clients. To combat this, Jeff Phillips will give your firm the playbook to immediately decrease your talent loss, retain your best staff, and fill your open roles.

Jeff founded the staffing platform Accountingfly and is the CEO of Padgett, a large tax accounting firm. He will share helpful, proven talent strategies that you can use at your firm today to focus on hiring and keeping your talent.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Recognize the talent acquisition and retention dilemma.
  • Summarize a firm playbook to immediately decrease talent loss, retain staff, and fill open roles.
  • Identify helpful, proven talent strategies for talent acquisition and retention.

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Testimonials from this Webinar:

  • “Very helpful for future hiring and retention – and as a freelancer many of his suggestions really hit home as they would have made a few prior projects much more interesting (and may have kept me there!). Thanks, it was very insightful!”
  • “I really learned about home outsourcing. Jeff was very helpful in explaining how to keep people from wandering off to another company. Great Class Session!!!”
  • “Great presentation. Appreciate your open and candid feedback on the current state of the workforce and how to embrace it.”
  • “Jeff hit such fundamental topics and areas that all firms (especially those outside of the big 4) need to finally incorporate. Fundamentals such as engage your staff, TRAIN, check in, mentor, invest time and energy to have people feel more connected and work their own path (to match the business needs) and have them want to stay in the profession.”

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    May 17, 2022
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